About Me

Hello! I'm both an interior designer and an artist, and I'm passionate about creating art that blends perfectly with the feel of a space.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design. My experience as an interior designer gives me a strong foundation for my artistic work. This experience has helped me master spatial relationships, color theory, and design principles. As a result, I'm skilled at crafting art that seamlessly fits with a space's architecture.

Biophilic design, commonly used in architecture, aims to enhance the connection between people and the natural world. This is achieved by including elements of nature, both obvious and subtle, and by considering the characteristics of the space.

Practically speaking, biophilic design means adding nature-inspired aspects to architectural and artistic designs. This can range from literal elements like plants, water, natural light, and views of nature, to more symbolic touches. Symbolic elements might involve using natural materials, incorporating nature-inspired shapes or patterns, or arranging spaces to resemble natural settings. 

"The Art" and its curated companions in the realm of House and Home goods go beyond aesthetics. They embody a philosophy of design that creates nurturing spaces. Every piece is a deliberate choice, resonating with intention and emotion. This collection invites a deeper connection with our surroundings, reminding us that well-designed environments enhance our well-being and sense of belonging.

Wishing You Well,